Innovation and Technology

Emerging Technologies

Equipment, platforms and formats for the creation and distribution of content are being developed at an unprecedented rate. And we are constantly experimenting, always aware that a more effective way will come along.

  • Vr / 360

  • NextFan

  • Live 360 incar

  • Enterprise Corporate Video Distribution


A big idea is only that…until it can be pulled off. (For instance, the ability to overcome the litany of challenges faced in shooting a brand spot involving the placement of 13 hidden cameras in baggage claim at one of the nation’s busiest airports.) Our team’s unique combination of technical, logistic and creative skills can make us the perfect partner to solve big challenges.

  • Wireless

    Wireless, real-time streaming from our cameras to any web-enabled mobile device or computer allows for our clients to observe and react to every shot…whether they’re across the room or across the country.


  • Live

    Our live streaming capabilities offer a host of varied applications. Whether providing cost efficiency and logistic versatility to a commercial shoot or broadcasting a large spectator event on a dedicated digital platform, our intimate understanding of streaming technologies delivers advantaged solutions to our clients.

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